Working from home with ShareAspace cloud

Locked out of the office but still need to share vital engineering data?!

Many people are sitting at home frustrated, and there isn’t a lot they can do about it… or perhaps there is?

Companies across the world now are facing huge challenges and disruption to their supply chain and partnerships. In the design and manufacturing space, companies are requiring engineers to work virtually and from home. But many companies are not set up “virtually” resulting in an immediate challenge as to how to share/access PDM, CAD, documents and drawings. Still, your product needs to be manufactured and your contracts fulfilled!

Avoid falling into the trap of lost email threads and unstructured file sharing, even though it’s a fast and easy way to get going from home. However, sharing data this way does not impose much control from the perspective of protecting your company’s intellectual property, product configuration management to name just a few concerns! Furthermore, your data ends up in multiple copies everywhere with limited control. Get started now with ShareAspace cloud to take back control of your data and work.

Act now and be online within the same day using ShareAspace Design to Manufacturing in the cloud. ShareAspace is a hub explicitly designed to solve your problem of controlled data sharing of documents and CAD data with partners and suppliers. Simply go to the subscription portal, sign up and within minutes start sharing your data not only with your team but also your suppliers and your customers in a secure, controlled way.

Yes, it’s just that easy and we have updated our subscriptions with even more partners and users for each subscription package now!

We have also added a special offer of 30 extra days on top of our usual 30-day free trial.

Zero upfront cost and no long-term commitments.

Sign up and be in control of your shared data today!

p.s. All our subscriptions include a full onboarding guide and access to our introductory courses for your colleagues and partners!

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