10 steps to boost your supply chain resilience and efficiency

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Following up our blog from last week on achieving supply chain resilience, here are the 10 steps to become an industry leader in supply chain resilience and efficiency:


  1. Survey your company where and who in your company uses tools such as email, FTP, cloud storage or online document editing tools to manage the communication of engineering data with one or several suppliers.
  2. Contact the suppliers with whom you have loose control over the shared engineering data and changes are costing you both time and money. Find out which of them are looking to improve and transform their communication processes.
  3. Discuss internally what are the current pain points and costs with the people or teams that want to change your existing process and have started to look at different cloud-based tools such as ShareAspace Design to Manufacturing for external collaboration.
  4. Go to subscription.shareaspace.com and sign up for a 30+30 free trial.
  5. Select and invite up to 5 suppliers that showed interest with our easy onboarding guide to test the tool for 60 days.
  6. Upload your data to run tests with the suppliers in a focused effort.
  7. Once the trial has ended, select the monthly subscription plan that fits the number of partners/suppliers you would like to share your data with. Contact our sales team for a custom fit plan or to get the 3D CAD viewer add-on.
  8. Scale-out with the rest of your supply chain while keeping total control over your shared data.
  9. Prepare yourself to receive several rewards from your company for being brave, successful and a fast implementer as well as getting invitations to conferences about how you growth hacked your supply chain while your competitors were still investigating how to do it.
  10. Be a leader in supply chain resilience and efficiency in your industry and share your ideas and vision with ShareAspace Design to Manufacturing.

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