New features available now on ShareAspace Design to Manufacturing

ShareAspace Design to Manufacturing continues to be improved! In our latest release, published this week, we have improved the user experience in numerous ways:

  • Adding partners and managing partner users is now easier.
  • We have simplified the sign-up/sign-in process for new ShareAspace users.
  • You can now easily make a copy of deep links to objects into your clipboard for sharing in an email or in other channels.
  • In the structure view, we have improved how to filter your breakdowns on a date, view or other applicabilities.

… on top of this, we have corrected many minor issues that we have noticed in order to make ShareAspace an even better collaboration hub both for the end-users as well as for the administrators.

The big thing, however, we have been work on during the spring, is to include 3D viewing capabilities into ShareAspace. We will be launching this feature as a beta in May this year and we aim to have it publicly available as an add-on module soon after that. Adding 3D to our already competent sharing platform will greatly improve the overall experience. Eurostep will run a webinar on the new 3D features on May 19th. Register here to learn more and see the fruits of our efforts made this spring.

We are also announcing an update to the privacy policy regarding the email subscription to our newsletter and content download from You can find our updated privacy policy here.

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