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The collaboration hub is a data repository separate from those internal to the company and all its suppliers where each submits product data for integration together. This approach reduces the risk of IP loss or theft because only the data intended for sharing is in the hub repository. An appropriate example of such an environment is provided in the ShareAspace solution from Eurostep.

Share product data securely with access control

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In their latest commentary, CIMdata has written on how ShareAspace offers a secure collaboration environment approach to support increased business speed, agility and systems complexity that is essential for bottom-line profits.

A Controlled and Protected Partner and Supplier Collaboration Hub.

Key takeaways:

• As products continue to become more complex, product development companies need to rely more heavily on suppliers with advanced expertise for sophisticated components and subsystems.

• Managing the collaborative interaction, including engineering changes, among the numerous companies that contribute to a product’s definition, manufacture, and support is essential for bottom-line profit.

• The processes that companies have used in the past are no longer sufficient with increased business speed, agility, and systems complexity. In addition, OEM’s that allow suppliers inside their firewall expose themselves to serious liabilities.

• The technology has now advanced to support a collaboration hub independent of the collaboration partners’ internal systems. Companies would do well to review their own interaction with the supply chain and look toward the future by deploying a collaboration hub approach. Eurostep’s ShareAspace offers an example solution to explore.

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