Send large files securely to multiple partners and suppliers

Streamline your supply chain to a single source of truth

Are you experiencing problems keeping track of product design and specification changes? Sharing large bill of materials or 3D models with partners and suppliers?

Keep your supply chain up-to-date with product design changes with a single source of truth. Reduce lead time and keep your intellectual property secure under controlled access.

ShareAspace capabilities

A hub for product design to manufacturing collaboration

The features available on ShareAspace cloud are carefully selected to support the Design to Manufacturing application to subcontract suppliers and manufacturers. These are a result of developing customized solutions for larger enterprises, using the ShareAspace platform.

  • Part management
  • Document management
  • BOM management
  • Change impact
  • And much more...

Collaborative & contract manufacturing

Send change notices and track the delivery of unique serialised items

Designing and manufacturing a product requires collaboration and information sharing between suppliers, partners, manufacturers, customers and internally across different departments and disciplines.

ShareAspace cloud allows quality, strategic purchasing procurement, supply chain and collaboration managers to collaborate with their partners and suppliers. Share only the required data while keeping the information secure and available on the cloud.

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