Supply chain data management

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Work package

Collect all information required by a single supplier into one Work package. Share this information with your supplier by a simple click of a button. As soon as you are done you can as easily recall access to your information.

  • Share the exact data that you want to share and no more
  • Streamlined process for data sharing to multiple partners

BOM management

Structuring information such as parts and products into hierarchical structures or BOMs is an integral feature of today’s product data management systems. ShareAspace is no exception. You can create BOMs either through the user interface, via the REST APIs, or just by importing them from other PDM systems mastering this kind of information.

  • Mixed BOMs
  • Instance information
  • Effectivity
  • "Where used" queries

Change management

With every project comes change. Managing the changes is what makes you stay in control of your project. With ShareAspace you can identify and track all introduced changes and the impact they will have on your project.

  • Raise issues and problems within your project
  • Manage changes based on your problem reports
  • Track the impact of changes across the project
  • Keep a record of the changes over time

Physical items

Gather all the information you need about each individual item from your supplier. This information is extremely valuable in your downstream support processes so why not get it directly from the source.

  • Add serialized assets
  • Link individual items to the rest of your product data
  • Track unique items

Part management

With ShareAspace you get the part management features you expect from a PDM system and more. In addition, ShareAspace is designed to work securely in a collaborative environment with multiple partners contributing to your work.

  • Version and structure management
  • Document referencing
  • Defining geometry
  • Multiple files support

Document management

ShareAspace comes with full support for managing documents and files. This includes all the metadata that comes with a document, as well as the versioning of documents and the ability to control individual user access to a document with an access audit trail.

  • Version management
  • Multiple files support
  • File preview
  • Full-text search
  • Configurable attribute sets

Delivery records

With ShareAspace you can track each individual manufactured and delivered item. However, it is common that deliveries come in batches. Hence, we capture all delivered items, lots, or batches at a single point in time – in a Delivery record.

  • Track delivered work
  • Have at hand related contracts and documents when receiving deliveries
  • Have on record the delivery of concession items


In addition to formal communication between stakeholders, ShareAspace offers other secure channels of communication in the form of messaging and discussion boards. Inside each messaging thread, you can refer to any PLM object by using the inline search capability while still abiding by the access control of the object.

  • Chat channels with all Suppliers/Partners
  • Capture unstructured conversations


No information is shared between companies unless a proper contract regulating the ownership of IP is in place. ShareAspace can help you visualize those contracts so that both parties in a collaboration know exactly what they can and cannot do.

  • Upload contracts and purchase orders into your data
  • Reference the work to be done with contracts and purchase orders

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